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no one wants to hear me rant

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If you come across this journal and want to be added, please comment to this message or any message that you can see. Otherwise, if you just add me, I'll just assume you're selling something :)

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Love the design of this t-shirt that I bought yesterday:

Here's a link to the site: http://www.pedalpushersclub.com/bikefish

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I listened to this album a lot today. Sleigh Bells appears to be the next big Vampire Weekend. So much buzz! So in advance of actually doing anything! the good news, as it was for Vampire Weekend, is that Sleigh Bells seems to bring it.

I know that's a personal thing, but listening to it while driving, I'm not inclined to fast forward or get jarred and irritated by this or that track. I'm listening to the whole thing all the way through. This is a great start.

There is an overall vibe of a pep rally...the whole album seems LOUD regardless of the actual volume level. The female singer's voice is amped by what could be a megaphone (or megaphone affect). The perpetual rhythm resembles a marching band whose studies have been in funk. Oh, come on, you know what I'm talking about. This impression is only increased by the lyrics that include a reference to someone's braces. but I don't think you have to be school age to want to listen.

I don't know anything about the two band members on their own. I read that he served her and someone else in a restaurant in Brooklyn and their music came up and BAM! they put together this album. But the true hipsters out there know her work and his work prior to this. Oh, well, I don't.

If I were to recommend this to someone, I'd say that they'd need to be in a shouty mood. Or in the mood for the kind of music that does NOT want you to sit. You can drive when you hear it but you'd need to watch your speed. And it's LOUD. It does not want to be ignored background music.

Linkie to Sleigh Bells myspace
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The Wedding Present didn't exist for me until April...except as an emphatic recommendation from Ben. I finally followed his recommendation and went to see them live and was blown away. How could any one man harbor so much eloquent anger? How could he fit full sentences of bitterness into a lyric that sounded...great? I have no idea. He's a bit unrelenting in his anger and bitterness, at least on the two albums that I have (Bizarro and Take Fountain)

I have two copies of Bizarro in my iTunes. I think that Ben must have sent me a copy before I bought my own? So, I had been ingesting it on "shuffle" over time. Actually, I have four copies of Bizarro on my iPod. no idea how.

As for Bewitched...on its own I haven't listened to it directly and specifically. it fits the mood of the rest. It drones without a lot of feedback, and then transitions into sweet guitar notes. But the liner notes say it's about unrequited love...the lyrics? very few noted in the liner, except this:

"the last time I saw you, you were, oh, this near
and there's a thousand things I wish I'd said and done
but the moment's gone"

That's a great line...but on my 3rd listen, I still haven't heard it.

OK, now I have. He snarls it out...consumed with his own regret, and then the music moves into a pounding guitar driven sound which seems to reinforce the thought, the regret, the impossibility of it all. and it picks up pace to only to quiet again. It feels like an empty room.

So, that's what the song of the day brings up for me.
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So, yeah this is really my brother's CD, which i borrowed after I lost mine in the divorce. Robbie Williams came to my attention because of the Gameboy. He and his girl (wife, fiance whatever she was at the time) were fans of this English big name, and I followed along, and got my (ex)husband to like him, too.

I don't particularly care for this song, it's kind of too operatic for me. Too many horns and big production. I mean, I never really noticed before either.

B and I did go to the 9:30 to see Robbie Williams. It's one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen. The man played to the 1000-person sold out crowd as if he was at Wembley. Big, enthusiastic, embracing, over the top. So much fun! It was really a treat.

I finally gave the CD back to my brother. He'd forgotten about it.

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I also like that I telework, like, all the time.

In the photo, the streaky bits are falling snow flakes and the weird glowing circles are the money you could be saving with GEICO my bicycle tires.

I'm ready for the storm this weekend...we gots the wine, the firelogs, the homework assignments, the TP, the LL Bean boots...it's all ready to go.
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Does it snow in DC every year on December 5th? It seems like it.
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There's a guy standing on a u-haul stoPped in the middle of the intersection of K ST and Connecticut Ave. He's got a giant yellow sign that says "Justice" there's a banner on the side too, something about $2M. Traffic is at a stand-still.
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I went to the Built to Spill show last night but they didn't have the new CDs at the merch table. So when I went for my walk today, I listened the new Lou Barlow about 3 times...This song totally stuck out and I highly recommend it. Also, the video is cute...cheap, and cute.

It's the kind of pop that I love: melodic, catchy, filled with longing and phrases that makes you ache:
the right to be, your half is whole with me.
destiny, no more for you and me.
let the wall fall in there is no end

the right to be conflicted
undefined, over the line
unresolved but still above it all
on a rope worn thin swing again

a dare to be believed in
on my own by your side
coming on, like someone else's song
note by note, pull me in
by the throat, touching skin
your throat, your skin, i've given in

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